Best Paper Award

In an effort to encourage PhD student research, the Southern Risk and Insurance Association created the “Best Paper Award” in 2009. Graduate students that have proposals accepted for presentation at the annual conference are invited to submit a full paper for consideration. The winner is determined by the program committee and includes a monetary award as funds allow.

Award Winners

  • 2023: Taylor Graciano (University of Georgia) for the paper titled “Changes in Willingness to Take Risks in the Golden Years
  • 2022: Dana Telljohann (Florida State University) for the paper titled “Bad Faith Claims Litigation in the Property-Casualty Insurance Industry
  • 2021Dan Yang (University of Georgia) for the paper titled “The Capital Market Consequences Associated with Classifying Unrealized Gains and Losses on Available-For-Sale (AFS) Equity Securities in GAAP Net Income
  • 2020Markus Herrmann (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany) for the paper titled “Trading and Liquidity in the Catastrophe Bond Market
  • 2019: Leo Lu (University of Calgary) for the paper titled “Does Corporate Social Responsibility Reduce Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Risk? Evidence from Canada
  • 2018Po Lin Wang (University of Georgia) for the paper titled “An analysis of period and cohort mortality shocks in international data
  • 2017Joshua D. Frederick (University of Georgia) for the paper titled “The Effect of Regulation on Corporate Cash Holdings: Evidence from the Affordable Care Act
  • 2016Evan M. Eastman (University of Georgia) for the paper titled “Medical Loss Ratio Malpractice?
  • 2015Cameron M. Ellis (University of Georgia) and Joshua D. Frederick (University of Georgia) for the paper titled “Getting Crowded: Second-Order Effects of Medicaid Expansion Refusal
  • 2014Evan M. Eastman (University of Georgia) for the paper titled “Target Financial Strength Ratings and Insurer Loss Reserve Errors
    Tobias Niedrig (Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main) for the paper titled “The Effects of CoCo Bonds on Insurers’ Capital Requirements under Solvency II
  • 2013Jill Bisco (Florida State University) for paper titled “Retained Asset Accounts and the Risk Reward Trade-Off
  • 2012Gerrit Gößmann (University of Cologne) for paper titled “The Effect of Internalization on Home Market Performance: Evidence from German Insurance Groups
  • 2011James Brad Karl (FSU) for paper titled “Health Insurance Financing Mechanisms and Insurance Markets: Evidence from OECD Countries
  • 2010David Pooser (FSU) for paper titled “On the Decision to Self-Insure