Officers and Directors

Jill Bisco
Illinois State University

First Vice President
Stephen Fier
University of Mississippi

Second Vice President
Courtney Baggett
Troy University

Annette Hoffman
University of Cincinnati

Immediate Past President
Brad Karl
Florida State University

Jim Carson (2023)
University of Georgia

Tice Sirmans (2023)
Illinois State University

Josh Frederick (2024)
Georgia Southern University

David Pooser (2024)
St. John’s University

Marc Ragin (2025)
University of Georgia

Boyi Zhuang (2025)
University of Alabama

Past SRIA Presidents

Ken Black1968 – 1969Georgia State University
Ray Solomon1969 – 1970Florida State
Bill Dotterweich1970 – 1971Tennessee
John Stinton1971 – 1972South Carolina
Linda Fletcher1972 – 1973Louisiana State
Bob Cline1973 – 1974Florida
Stuart Schwarzschild1974 – 1975Georgia State University
Finley Lee1975 – 1976North Carolina
Travis Pritchett1976 – 1977South Carolina
Bob Marshall1977 – 1978Florida State
Susan Phillips1978 – 1979Iowa
John Lewis1979 – 1980Florida State
Larry Gaunt1980 – 1981Georgia State University
Jerry Todd1981 – 1982Texas
Jim Trieschmann1982 – 1983University of Georgia
Claude Lilly1983 – 1984Florida State
John Thornton1984 – 1985University of North Texas
Bruce Palmer1985 – 1986Georgia State University
Joe Johnson1986 – 1987North Carolina – Greensboro
Richard Corbett1987 – 1988Florida State
George Flanigan1988 – 1989North Carolina – Greensboro
Sandra Gustavson1990 – 1991University of Georgia
Phyllis Myers1991 – 1992Virginia Commonwealth
E. G. Miller1992 – 1993Virginia Commonwealth
Harold D. Skipper, Jr.1993 – 1994Georgia State University
Larry A. Cox1994 – 1995University of Georgia
Jack Nelson1995 – 1996College of Insurance
Helen Doerpinghaus1996 – 1997South Carolina
Robert E. Hoyt1997 – 1998University of Georgia
Carol A. B. Jordan1998 – 1999Northeast Louisiana University
David D. Wood1999 – 2000Appalachian State University
Kevin L. Eastman2000 – 2001Florida State University
Pat F. Maroney2001 – 2002Florida State University
Brenda F. Wells2002 – 2003University of North Texas
John Bratton2003 – 2004University of Central Arkansas
David Sommer2004 – 2005University of Georgia
Lee Colquit2005 – 2006Auburn University
Bill Ferguson2006 – 2007University of Louisiana-Lafayette
Randy Dumm2007 – 2008Florida State University
Karen Epermanis2008 – 2009Appalachian State University
Kathleen McCullough2009 – 2010Florida State University
Ryan Lee2010 – 2011University of Calgary
Cassandra R. Cole2011 – 2012Florida State University
Lars Powell2012 – 2013University of Arkansas — Little Rock
Andre Liebenberg2013 – 2014University of Mississippi
Faith Neale2014 – 2015UNC Charlotte
David Eckles2015 – 2016University of Georgia
Lorilee Medders2016 – 2017Florida State University
Joe Ruhland2017 – 2018Georgia Southern University
Kevin Gatzlaff2018 – 2019Ball State University
Charles Nyce2019 – 2020Florida State University
Mary Kelly2020 – 2021Wilfrid Laurier University
Brad Karl2021 – 2022Florida State University

Officers Duties


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Preside over the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors.
  • Preside over the Business Meeting scheduled during the Annual Meeting.
  • Host President’s reception at the Annual Meeting.
  • Coordinate the responsibilities of the Officers and Directors.
  • Appoint committees as needed.

Action Dates

  • May
    • Determine the members of the nominations committee. The chair of the committee is the Immediate Past President.
  • August
    • Advertise to ARIA and other organizations to encourage their members to attend SRIA Annual Meeting.
  • November
    • Remind officers and directors of time and place of Board of Directors’ meeting.
    • Notify candidates of election results. Invite new officer and directors to the Board of Directors meeting.

First Vice President

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Assume duties of President in the event of resignation or incapacity.
  • Obtain token of appreciation for outgoing President.
  • Present token of appreciation at the Annual Meeting.
  • Negotiate Annual Meeting arrangements for next year’s Annual Meeting.
  • Solicit donations (primarily from academic sources).
  • Update SRIA Meeting Sponsors on website

Action Dates

  • June
    • Solicit donations, forward checks to Secretary/Treasurer.
    • Confirm hotel arrangements and pricing.
  • October
    • Confirm prices for luncheon, breaks, AV equipment, etc. and transfer information to Secretary/Treasurer so that meeting budget can be prepared.
    • Get room assignment names and final list of contributors and give to Second Vice President for final program preparation.
  • November
    • Meet with hotel convention personnel the day before the Annual Meeting to review room assignments, breaks, audio visual needs, and the luncheon arrangements.
    • Check meeting rooms before and at the beginning of each session to make sure that set up is correct.
  • December
    • Settle the account with the hotel at the completion of the Annual Meeting.
    • Forward final bill to Secretary/Treasurer so that final financial report of Annual Meeting can be prepared.
    • Complete hotel arrangements with the selected hotel for next year’s Annual Meeting.
    • Begin work on schedule of events. Update SRIA Meeting Sponsors on website.

Second Vice President

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Construct the program and assemble presentations for the Annual Meeting.
  • Coordinate the needs of the program for the Annual meeting with the First Vice President who is responsible for interacting with the hotel.
  • Determine alternative hotels for the site of the next Annual Meeting.
  • Monitor the SRIA website for content, making certain that items on the site are current and accurate.

Action Dates

  • February
    • Contact potential hotels in the city selected as the site for next year’s Annual Meeting.
  • April
    • Mail call for papers for the next Annual Meeting.
    • Make sure hotel and registration information is posted to SRIA website.
  • August
    • Paper proposals due.
    • Notify applicants regarding whether their papers are accepted.
    • Determine the moderators and presenters for the plenary and concurrent sessions.
    • Write to members encouraging attendance at the Annual Meeting.
    • Email registration information to membership. Be sure to note registration deadline and fee differences for early registration.
    • Set up meeting pre-registration system in conjunction with Secretary/Treasurer to provide attendance and function guarantee information. Coordinate with Secretary/Treasurer for annual dues collection.
  • November
    • At the Board Meeting, present alternative hotels for next year’s meeting.
  • December
    • Prepare a short write-up of the SRIA annual meeting and send to the ARIA Newsletter for publication.
    • Place notice in JRI, JIR, and RMIR regarding a call for papers.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Maintain membership roster, including phone numbers and e-mail addresses.
  • Keep the files of correspondence and official records.
  • Take minutes of all meetings.
  • Manage deposits and disbursements.
  • Compile a spreadsheet with the mailing addresses of SRIA members who paid their JII with the SRIA dues. Add to the spreadsheet the mailing addresses of supported PhD students. Send the list to WRIA by the end of January. Notify WRIA of additional JII subscriptions after submission of the spreadsheet.
  • Make payment to WRIA for JII subscription costs for SRIA members and supported PhD students by the end of January. Make payment to WRIA for additional JII subscriptions after January as they occur.
  • Conduct elections, obtain nominees from the Immediate Past President.
  • Present financial reports at the Board of Directors Meeting and the Annual Business Meeting.
  • Monitor the SRIA Website for content, making certain that items on the site are current and accurate.
  • Prepare receipts for conference attendees.
  • Manage the SRIA listserv.

Action Dates

  • January
    • Accept transfer of funds from prior Secretary/Treasurer. (Most or all of these funds are to be deposited in an interest bearing account)
    • Compile a spreadsheet with the mailing addresses of SRIA members who paid their JII subscription with the SRIA dues. Add to the spreadsheet the mailing addresses of supported PhD students. Send the list to WRIA. Send a check to WRIA for JII subscription costs for SRIA members and supported PhD students.
    • After settling the bills for the Annual meeting, transfer funds and records to the new Secretary/Treasurer.
    • Prepare final report of the financial performance of the Annual Meeting. Mail draft of meeting minutes, plus final income statement and meeting financial results to officers and board members.
  • February
    • Send out notice of dues to members not paying in conjunction with the Annual Meeting. Membership is for a calendar year.
  • March 
    • File Form 990 with the Internal Revenue Service.
  • September
    • Prepare a copy of updated membership roll and send to all SRIA officers.
  • October
    • Mail the election ballots to the members with instructions to return the officers and directors ballot to the Immediate Past President.
    • Set up meeting pre-registration system and coordinate with Second Vice President to register members for the meeting, collect dues, and provide attendance information.
  • November
    • Prepare name tags for Annual Meeting registrants and plenary speakers. Prepare name tents for plenary speakers.

Immediate Past President

Primary Responsibilities

  • Chair the nominations committee and produce a slate of candidates for election to the Board of Directors.

Action Dates

  • April
    • Confer with the President regarding who to invite as members of the nominations committee.
  • May
    • Confer with nominations committee regarding potential candidates for the Board of Directors.
  • July
    • Confirm with each candidate his or her willingness to participate in the election.
  • September
    • Inform the Secretary/Treasurer of the nominees for: President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and two members of the Board of Directors.
  • October
    • Count the ballots and inform the President of the results.